Forward Looking Statement


Any statements, claims, interpretations, projections or predictions made on the AvantBio Website or its related infomational documents are collectively a forward–looking statement made by AvantBio, and subject to inherent potential risk and uncertainties, such as those that could be caused by the inadvertent and unintentional errors or misrepresentations in presenting relevant facts, analysis and opinions, or external events regarding the development and marketing of competing technologies and products, disputes over licensing agreements, or disputes over ownership of intellectual property. AvantBio’s forward–looking statements are made as of the date issued, and AvantBio does not have any obligation to publicly update its forward–looking statements to reflect subsequent changes in events or circumstances. The actual performance or results that occur after the acquisition of AvantBio’s technologies or products, or after the investment in AvantBio (based on its stated technologies and products) could significantly differ from those claimed or implied in AvantBio’s forward–looking statements. Therefore, AvantBio cannot provide any assurances whatsoever that any of the events anticipated or claimed in its forward–looking statements will actually occur.