SEPTEMBER 07, 2017:

AvantBio’s (AvantFluor’s) patent application regarding its new Sulfur Tetrafluoride (SF4) and Sulfur Chloride Pentafluoride (SF5Cl) production processes has recently been granted in the United States, in addition to India, South Korea, Canada, Japan, China, the Russian Federation, Mexico, Australia and South Africa.  Patent allowances are also expected in the European Federation.  With the addition of the United States to our patent-protected jurisdictions, AvantBio (AvantFluor)  can now effectively operate in both the Asian and the North American markets. It is expected that AvantBio’s new Sulfur Fluoride production processes may significantly reduce the cost of bringing  AvantBio’s “C-F” (SF4) and “C-SF5” (SF5Cl, SF5Br) fluorinating reagents into the marketplace. With the advent of less costly and more routinely available SF5Cl and SF5Br, less costly downstream aliphatic R-SF5  derivatives are also expected to become more readily-available  as well.  (click here for more information and business development opportunities).